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Created by SMUGware Studios.

In Rollin' Locks, you don't even have to draw or hold cards!

The cards get separated, shuffled, and laid out on the table. Once the game is set up, you take turns choosing the 'Chest' you want to unlock, and roll the designated amount of dice, based on the size of the chest, to match the number on the lock.

It's that easy!

If you are successful in removing the last lock on the chest, you win all the treasure cards. Keep these treasure cards face down on the table near you. During your turn, if you've been successful in opening a lock, and there's another lock to go on the same chest, you may trade in a treasure card (at random.... remember they're all face down until end of the game), and try the next lock!

Once every chest has been opened, and all the treasure has been collected, everyone counts up how much treasure they accumulated.

.... with one little catch.There's Stolen Treasure in the chests ....

If you are lucky enough to have 6 or more stolen treasure, you win! If no player has 6 or more stolen treasure, all stolen treasure cards count as negative points towards your total treasure and the player with the highest treasure total wins the game!

The concept, artwork, box design, box art, and everything was created by SMUGware Studios.

What's included : 
- 120+ cards
- 5 dice
- Custom Box
- Rule Sheet

Rollin' Locks

SKU: 0001
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