We've had a lot of positive feedback, and reviews about Rampin' Boat!

Check out what all the fuss is about on your Android today! 

Only 99ยข (CAN) on the Google Play store! :D

Tell your friends about it! ^_^

Who can get the highest score?  :O

(* Special Thanks to Chris G and Paul C *)

(Windows & Android)

Multiple Mini-Games

With enough feedback, and requests, we may work on some of the favorites you see here.....

This is just a collection of pictures of random min-games we're working on.

Most of them are in a pre-alpha, or prototype stage. If enough people would like to see any of these finished.... LET US KNOW in the email section.

( All games are in current development, and are about 80% guarantee to change.... :P  )

Shown here-

1. Farmopolous
2. ArrowPlaneGame
3. Rampin' Boat

4. Metropolis

(Windows & Android)


Ermergherd! Zermbies arre Atterrking!!

Everytime you play, the map is random!

Forest / Winter / Desert

During the day, collect what you can, while you can see, because at night, they keep spawning... kill them when you can, because they don't die from the day light, they may eventually overwhelm you!

Running low on ammo?  Crush rocks!

Out of ammo while being chased?? Use the bat!

Running low health? Craft a potion!

For now the game is in Alpha stages, soon to come; more bosses,  better crafting, armor?, different enemies?, more zones?, objectives?..... 


Forever Forgotten

Ever feel like you're just alone... 


Running through life...


Jumping from obstacle to obstacle...


Pushing things out of your way...


Getting chased by a death cloud...


.... wait what?



Platforming survival?... of sorts?!



Make it to the flag by running, jumping, dodging, hitting levers... etc.





(Windows & Android)


This is SMUG.

Indie platformer... puzzle... action... 

20+ levels of platforming action! 

You don't get stronger, but the levels get harder... Once you learn the tricks that you learn in Training Stage 1, and how to perfect them all, you can reach the goal no problem!

Earn gold for temporary boosts that last for 1 level, or until you die... Use the gold to purchase bombs to blow your way through walls... or just buy the keys to walk to victory!  Oh yeah, don't forget to find the secret Smuggy hidden in each level!!!

Race through the levels once you learn them to set a new record time! :D

Game still in Alpha Stages.... graphics may change...




Lately, we've been working on a new free game for Android, nothing mind-blowing, but it's test of hand/eye coordination.

We call it..........


It's simple :

Step 1 : Press GO!

Step 2 : Click as many lit-up lights as possible before the timer runs out

Step 3 : Maintain high-score, and bragging rights

Step 4 : Use during a party to hand out during a "beverage game"

Loser has to drink the mysterious concoction? ;)



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